Daily Activities
    As well as providing activities of daily living, Greenfield is committed to encouraging residents to reach their full potential in the arena of activities and socialization. We provide opportunities for a sing-a-long with karaoke sessions, a little dancing too. We also invite professional musicians to play instruments and sing to our residents while they remenisce and usually sing along to their favorite songs.

    Games are played such as cards, bingo, and puzzles and quizzes according to the resident's abilities. Walking with or without aids, or being wheeled around the neighborhood is encouraged as well as sitting in the beautiful landscaped yard, watching birds and soaking up a little sunshine. The daily newspaper is delivered and large print readers digest and other magazines are always on hand to read. Upon admisssion the resident or representative are asked their religious background as well as activitiy preferences, and if the resident wishes spiritual services we arrange for pastors, etc. to visit.

    Birthdays and Holidays
    Birthdays and holiday celebrations are well organized and thoroughly enjoyed by all with lots of food and merriment.We have taken individual residents out for joy rides, shopping trips, library and parks. We ocassionally invite guest speakers from other organizations to come give short lecures of interest to the residents, such as fall prevention, stroke prevention, estate planning and advance directives etc. Residents love to gather and feel important, while munching on cookies and donuts.

    Our philosophy is to keep seniors, as active as possible in spirit, mind, and body. We listen to our residents, and keep communication doors open. Don't just take our words, ask our residents and families. Call for your free tour.

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