Testimonials & References
    Dr. Ahmed Khan

    I have been acquainted with Azhar Rafiq Jan, for the past 15 years since 1993, when he moved to Phoenix. He is a good law abiding person of excellent moral character. He owns and is the administrator of assisted living care homes for seniors, and utilizes his knowledge and experience of being an M.D. I know of many seniors and families he has been able to assist to their end of life care, this is to be commended. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Dr. Ahmed M. Khan

    Reference: Asim A. Khwaja, MD
    Reference: Dr. Ahmed Khan
    Reference: April Ann Velarde
    Reference: Kim Fultz
    Testimonial: Mary Lynne Davidson
    Testimonial: Earl Feda


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